A patented reusable urine drainage system, held on the penis by friction fit


  • A patented reusable external urine drainage system for male urinary incontinence.
  • Can be used with a penis diameter of 25 to 40 mm and length of 30 mm.
  • Made of highly elastic, skin friendly pure silicone (non-allergenic)
  • Comfortable to wear without pressure points
  • Held in place without adhesive through static friction and anatomical shape (shuttle)
  • Reusable (cost saving, waste prevention, even machine washable at 90 ˇăC)
  • Easy to use without need for shaving and adhesive
  • Even provides a tight seal in lying position.
Uroclean kit
Order Number Size SHORE hardness Penis size
700766-L10 L 10 Large
700766-L20 L 20 Small
700766-XL10 XL 10 Large
700766-XL20 XL 20 Small
Uroclean Shuttle
Order Number Size (cm) SHORE hardness
700767-L10 3.5 - 4.5 10
700767-L20 2.5 - 3.5 20
Uroclean Pants
Order Number Size
Uroclean pant L L - 75kg
Uroclean pant XL XL - 75kg ~ 85kg