Tumour stent with stainless steel helix, steerable or non-steerable


  • Made of aliphatic polyurethane with stainless steel helix, CH 6-8, shaft without openings
  • Steerable version (VISIOMATIC delivery system) or non-steerable version
  • Pusher, 40 cm
  • PTFE-coated guidewire, flexible end and rigid end


  • Stainless steel helix prevents the ureteral stent from being compressed.
  • The highly flexible stainless steel helix minimizes irritation of the ureter
  • Large inner lumen guarantees maximum drainage capacity, suitable for long-term drainage
  • Made of one piece, which ensures the soft pigtail curls cannot come off
  • Indwelling times of up to 6 months
  • Stainless steel design provides for high resistance to encrustation
  • Closed shaft prevents the ingrowth of tumour tissue
TUMOUR ONKOVISION ® -STENT with stainless steel helix
closed tip open tip
Order Number Order Number Size(Fr) x Length(cm) yy Wire(inch) Others
TS-300xyy TS-310xyy 6 / 7 / 8 26 / 28 /30 0.035 non-steerable
TS-320xyy TS-330xyy 6 / 7 / 8 26 / 28 /30 0.035 steerable

All stents are also available with string. (add F to the Order No.)
Custom lengths and single stents are available on request