TPS treatment system

TPS treatment system is based on double helix CT, MPI with high definition and continuous B- ultrasound images, meanwhile combining with computer's image processing technology, in order to let the shape of the tumour inside the body be rebuilt in three dimensional space. This can be guided easily and the implantation route can be mediate easily, the sensitive organization and important visceral organ can be avoided.

3D Radiotherapy Treatment System basic functions:

  • 3D anatomical structure for describing the treatment area.
  • CT / MR, etc. images marked with stereoscopic orientation structure.
  • The treatment target area and protected area are metered and calculated in 3D Metering Network.
  • The radiation field and the reflecting source can be showed in any direction.
  • The dosage can be evaluated by the triplanar approach.
  • Man-machine information can be communicated when the treatment plan is carrying out rapidly.
  • The function is designed according to the inverse treatment planning, that is the function designed for 3D conformal therapy and the implantation therapy planning between inverse organizations.