I - 125 sealed seed


  • Shell: Titanium tube's OD=0.8mm, length=4.5mm, wall thickness=0.05mm
  • Core: Filamentary silver's diameter=0.5mm, length=3mm, I-125 adhered on the surface of the filamentary silver

Physical properties

  • Radioactive half-life: T/2=60.1 days
  • Characteristic energy: 27.4Kev31.4Kev35.5Kev
  • Plumbum's half-value layer: 0.025mm
  • Cellulartissure's half-value layer: 20mm


  • The activity scope for single grain of sealed seed: 11.1MBq37MBq0.3mCi1.0mCi
  • Product's standard specification is divided into 14 classes in total as per its activity scope, and also can produce the sealed seeds with any activity according to the user's Purchase Order.